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Bliss Bedding was established in 2004 by Graham Stubbs. Graham has a traditional agricultural background, growing up on a working farm surrounded by horses from an early age. Although technology has updated most of the aspects of farming life, horses are still a prominent feature at Yew Tree Farm. One of the innovations to change the workings of Yew Tree Farm was ‘Bliss Bedding’, an idea that was tried and tested with Graham’s horses and that grew into Bliss becoming one of the most successful recognised brands in equine bedding. The business may have grown but our ethics remain, Bliss Bedding is a family run small business offering high quality horse bedding. We take pride in the product that we sell and the service that we offer.

Bliss Bedding is manufactured using premium quality, dust extracted rape straw from UK suppliers whom we have a long standing and trusted relationships with. We make every possible effort to ensure that every bale of Bliss Bedding meets our high standards of quality control, inspecting and testing the straw we use at every stage of manufacture.


Bliss Bedding key features:

  • Dust Extracted
  • Added Bittering Agent to prevent consumption
  • Treated with Trus-STEED stable guard
  • Made from UK straw, supporting British farmers
  • Finely chopped to ensure optimum comfort and maximum absorption
  • Added essential oils help to relieve horses of the symptoms of common ailments
  • Environmentally Friendly- Bliss Bedding biodegrades in approximately six months and so you can spread your muckheap back over your land. We package Bliss Eucalyptus and Bliss Citronella in biodegradable packaging and Bliss Basic is packaged in recyclable plastic.

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British Equestrian Trade Association Member

British Equestrian Trade Association Member

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