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Bliss Bedding; the Sustainable Choice

“I touched on the fact I purchased less in 2019 than previous years in my “Top Three of 2019” blog. I bought well as a way of buying less; I made practical choices over fashion conscious ones. This change in my behaviour may have started with matching saddle pads and bandages, but it has gradually filtered down to changes in my everyday life, and Bliss Bedding is one of those sustainable choices I have made.

Bliss Bedding is a finely chopped rape straw, in effect making use of a waste product following the harvest of the tiny black oil seed rape pods from the crop, the straw is often chopped up and ploughed back into the earth by farmers, however Bliss Bedding take this by-product, extract the dust and treat it with Trus-Steed – a bio security stable guard – to make their horse bedding.

The Trus-Steed element of production is a necessary evil in our modern world and essential for bio-security, to prevent and reduce the risk of transmission of infectious diseases. The chemical guarantees to eliminate 99.9999% of bacteria, fungi and spores with an added bittering agent to prevent horses from tucking into their bed once the hay-net runs empty. Bliss Bedding is finally treated with essential eucalyptus or citronella oils and wrapped in biodegradable packaging that is suitable for your recycling dustbin at home, or if you’d prefer a plain bedding this is available too.

The bedding is economical to use – in the sense of efficiency and cost-effectiveness – and after the initial set up of their beds using 4/6 bales each the boys share half a bale per week of fresh bedding. It absorbs the wet astonishingly well so this is only removed once/twice a week, in turn this keeps the size of the muck heap down over winter and it bio-degrades over summer.

Bliss Bedding is UK sourced and doesn’t involve the chopping down of any trees, something that makes me very happy.

Thank you for reading

Much love, Jessica.”

Written by Jessica, author of equine blog, Gee Gee & Me, on Bliss Bedding and its sustainability.

Bliss Bedding; the Sustainable Choice

Gee Gee & Me


Ever wondered how much a bag of Bliss weighs? Or how many bales are required to make a new bed of Bliss? 💭
Gee Gee & Me answers all your Bliss-related questions in her highly informative Q&A.
Jessica, aka Gee Gee & Me, lives in the beautiful Leicestershire countryside, together with her Connemara gelding, Oscar. Jessica provides honest, comprehensive and ‘tried & tested’ reviews on all things equestrian. 🐴

Visit her blog for more information!

Show Season

Bliss have a stand at The New Forest Show this week – come and see us with Rusty the pony!!

Lee Pearson’s blog 2016

” It’s been a really busy winter, getting everything ready for the oncoming competition season. Four years ago I bought a derelict farm so this takes a lot of my time and money, currently we have stabling for a few horses but no arena, so throughout the winter I have been unable to school in the fields, so lots of roadworks and hiring of local arenas to school and train in.

So many things have been checked, assessed, and changed to try and improve all the horses even if it’s a slight percentage. Slight increase in percentages in lots of little areas to make a huge difference. So as well as making sure that all the feed is correct for the horses throughout the winter working with the nutritionalist from my animal feed sponsor Dodson and Horrell, the horses have had all their Ideal saddles checked a few times throughout the winter, along with their bridles, bits, etc. Any supplements that the horses take have been assessed, and any shoeing changes have been done to make sure that all the horses have the best foot balance that they can have. But sometimes products and routine like their favourite stable and bedding stay exactly the same to keep them really happy and settled when stabled.

Along with all the fitness programs, training and assessments at home the lottery funded great British para equestrian team receive advice and training at squad training at the lovely Unicorn Trust Near Stow on the Wold. Monthly throughout the winter we set off for two days and many team and individual assessments including doctors, physio, strength and fitness, nutritionist, psychologist etc. So that’s me totally ironed out and then there’s my horses that get assessments from the Team vet, osteopath, Sadler, physio, Farrier, assessment for ulcers, Test riding, new music for free styles, Bio mechanics, and training or approval from the team trainer!

Currently my Beijing and London Paralympic gold medallist horse Gentleman is with an up-and-coming grade 3 para rider called Emily Murdoch. She absolutely adores him and all of his quirks!

Zion is the horse that I’ve campaigned for the past two years, he became world champion in 2014 and reserve European champion last year. He is the horse that I’m campaigning for the Rio Paralympics in September this year. He’s had more of a fitness and strengthening improving winter than schooling, all over strength is extremely important for any horse but especially top competition horses. The next plan is to get him out competing in the selection trials this year which include international competitions as well as national competitions and 7 July is the date that the team selected to represent Great Britain within para equestrian for the Rio Paralympics games gets announced, Everybody keep their fingers crossed please!!!

Within the stables I have a few very talented horses that I’ve bred including a super mare called Styletta. She is black, beautiful, and quite feisty! I did some para classes last year with her and she got accused of being a fire eating Dragon, I think her destiny will be to go Grand Prix, she finds all movements easy and she has an unlimited amount of energy. She’s only seven years old but with my stable manager and partner Richard she’s learning the Prix St George movements along with piaffe and passage. I help Richard on a daily basis with his training and development of my young horses and we’ve started going to Ferdi Eilberg for monthly training which is really helping. I think at the end of the year she will be worth too much money to not go on the market to fund the development of my farm.
It will be an extremely sad sale as I genuinely feel she is the most talented horse I’ve ever owned, but the saving grace is that I still have her very talented two half Brothers here, 6 year old Benson and 5 year old Breezer, so hopefully one of these guys will be my 2020 Paralympic horse!

Roll on the summer months when I can train in the fields, but hopefully planning permission for an arena will go through this year so I can train myself and my horses and others a lot easier than it is at the moment, horses are a 24/7 lifestyle more than a career or a job, but having the correct facilities would make life a lot easier!”


Dr (Hon) Lee Pearson MBE OBE CBE.

10 Times Paralympic Gold Medallist.

Supporter of:
Caudwell’s Children: Ambassador.
Elizabeth Svensden Trust: Patron.
Mane Chance: Ambassador.
The Unicorn Trust: Supporter.
The Midlands Air Ambulance: Ambassador

Supported by:
World Class Performance: Lottery.
Dodson & Horrell.
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Ideal Saddles.

Grateful to:
Land Rover.
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Mum,Dad and Gill !!

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Satin stitch equestrian are now stocking Bliss Bedding and Just Fi Blocks.

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Ruth Edge Winter Blog

Ruth Edge

The winter months’ for Team Edge have flown by. The focus has mainly been on

training and strengthening the horses over the winter. I have had regular

training from Judy Harvey, who has been my dressage trainer and mentor now

for 24 years. I take both the dressage and event horses and we have been

focusing on building the horses’ strength and suppleness up to ensure they are

not only working in the correct way but have the muscle tone and flexibility to

enable them to find the work we ask of them easy. Bert Rutten has also been over

from Holland. With Judy having trained with Bert for many years it’s great to

have that consistently in the training. When I can I go to Holland to train with

Bert but I’ve been so busy this winter I have not had the opportunity to go so it

was great to catch up and train with Bert.

Jumping wise I have had training from Susie Gibson, who has a fantastic

approach and system that again ties in with the training I do with the Dressage.

We go up to Aintree to train, which has an amazing indoor facility. I have also

had the opportunity to train with Michael Whittaker this winter and again

working on the same lines has meant consistency in the training programme

which is so important for the horses.

The girls who work for me, Jodie, Alice and Georgina have all been progressing

well and training hard over the winter, and we are just about to go off indoor

show jumping to put the training into practice before the season starts for us at

Lincoln horse trials. We’ve had one trip up to Somerford Park to use their all

weather xc facility which was great fun.

On the dressage competition front, I have Monarchs Cavalier qualified for the

regional championship at Advanced Medium and Advanced Medium Freestyle

level. His competition build has gone well having won both his classes and with

over 72% in both. A final session with Judy has put the finishing touches on

everything so we are all set for the Championships next week at Myerscough.

Not long till the start of the eventing season now – ‘Team Edge’ are definitely on


Bye for now.

Ruth x

>Thank you to Kay at Askham Bryan College who had this to say about Bliss –

> The delivery arrived yesterday as arranged thanks so much.
> The lady who delivered the bedding was lovely so courteous and patient I can honestly say we have never had such a trouble free large delivery.
> Please thank her on our behalf. The bedding looks fantastic and I look forward to using it.

Lee Pearson

Lee Pearson will be on Flockstars on ITV tonight – Thursday 13th August

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Happy Easter

We hope you all have a great Easter break enjoying competing or just spending time with your horses and ponies. Don’t forget you get more time with your horse when you use Bliss Bedding!