Just Feeds

Here at Bliss we are proud to announce the launch of our new feed range ‘Just Feeds’.

Just horse and pony feeds are a whole new range of healthy, high in fibre feeds made from natural ingredients without any additives. Just is a feed range designed with the horse’s natural diet in mind, a horse or pony’s natural instinct is to forage and graze and their digestive systems function best when allowed to do so.

Our intention is to strip back to a natural, healthy feeding programme, designed to encourage a healthy digestive system and content horse or pony. Just Feeds comprises of natural forage without any additives or molasses and is suitable for all horses and ponies regardless of their age, size, weight or performance level. Just Feeds offers all horses a high fibre, low calorie natural diet.

Feed your horse or pony Just the way nature intended.

For more information visit our brand new website http://justfeeds.co.uk