Maddy Moffett: The Thrills and Spills of an Eventing Career

I took the opportunity to visit our sponsored rider Maddy Moffett’s yard a month or so ago. You wouldn’t believe it now but the weather was beautiful, glorious sunshine and it was so nice to be given a tour around her yard, it was very neat and well managed and had a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I was introduced to the horses and took the opportunity to ask Maddy a few questions…..

Tell me about your horses, which horses do you plan to compete this year?

Horses I am competing this year are –

‘Trezona’ aka Twink, owned by Mrs Sheenagh Mudford, a 16.2hh, dark bay, 7 yr old gelding. This is his second season eventing and he has started well having top four placings in his three runs at BE100 level this season. He will hopefully step up to Novice level soon. He is a very good looking horse, and knows he is! He also has qualified for the Novice dressage regionals. He is showing a lot of potential and if things go our way could be a very good horse.

‘Honour Promise’, aka Frank, owned by myself, a 16.3hh, bay, 12 yr old gelding. He will hopefully compete at Intermediate level this season, and was recently 3rd in an Open Novice. He also competes at Medium level dressage, and we will hopefully compete at Advanced Medium soon. He is a cheeky character and loves his food!

‘Nor Whey’, aka Ron, owned by myself, a 16.2hh, bay, 6 yr old gelding. He completed a few events last season and will hopefully compete at BE100 level this season, consolidating what he learnt last year. He is still quite green, so will be produced slowly.

What would you say is your best achievement or proudest moment of your career so far?

My best achievement so far has been completing Bramham CCI*** in 2008, riding P, my best horse to date, who very sadly is no longer with us, after suffering from untreatable lameness, which unfortunately is one of the cons of eventing – the risk of injury is relatively high, and the chances of sustaining a high level of competing without incurring injury are quite slim. The highs of a great cross country round negate this however, as does the sense of achievement when taking a young horse through the grades. I have qualified for the National Dressage Championships, and way back in 1996 was the National University Riding Champion.

What are your plans for the future?

Plans for the future include continuing to enjoy competing, and if the opportunity presents itself to compete in more three day events, which are great fun!

What is your favourite phase in eventing and why?

My favourite phase is definitely the cross country – it is hard to replicate the adrenalin buzz of a great cross country round, where you and the horse take on the course builders challenges as a team. I have done a bungee jump, and the buzz from that was only nearly as good as when I successfully completed my first advanced course to give you an idea of the adrenalin fix you get!!!!

Do you have any advice for anybody hoping to build a career in eventing?

Advice to anyone wanting to event is to watch and learn – watch the top riders and see what they do. Get a good trainer you trust, and have regular training and if possible spend time on the professional yards, seeing what goes on behind the scenes, and finding out if eventing is the career for you. It is also very useful to have a back up plan – horses can be heart breaking as well as tremendously rewarding.

And lastly I have to ask, why do you like Bliss Bedding and what benefits do you think you get from using it?

I have used Bliss bedding for many years now, and find it economical to use, easy to muck out with, the horses find it very comfortable, and it is very biodegradable, to the point that you think your muck heap is shrinking!!!

I would like to thank Maddy for taking the time to give me a tour around her fantastic yard and for answering my many questions! Maddy does teach riding lessons and regularly teaches at clinics throughout Derbyshire. Please visit her website for more information >