Meet Prize Winner Sarah Sweeney

It was a dismal and wet weather, but despite this I had a lovely morning delivering the fantastic prize of a pallet of Bliss bedding to prize winner Sarah Sweeney. I met Sarah along with her Welsh Section D ‘Picasso’ and super cute 10hh Welsh x Shetland pony ‘Gizmo’- I was very tempted to load Gizmo in my van as he was absolutely fluffy and gorgeous! Sarah keeps both of her horses at a small private yard, where Picasso and Gizmo are stabled next to each other and have a little window to sniff and exchange conversations about how comfy their new beds are!!

Sarah has been riding since she was eight years old and enjoys all riding activities on Picasso whom she has owned for four years, Gizmo is fourteen years old and he is quite happy to fulfill the role of super cute companion. Sarah was very pleased with her stash of bedding- “I am thrilled! I never win anything! Picasso and Gizmo are lucky boys as they will be snoozing on Bliss bedding all Winter. Thankyou to the team at Bliss!”

I think that Sarah’s horses are going to enjoy a cosy Winter and will be very content with their new bedding, especially after Picasso happily knelt down for a good old roll in Bliss as soon as we let him into his stable!

Congratulations to Sarah, we will be running another competition soon so keep checking out our website and Facebook page.