Ruth Edge Winter Blog

Ruth Edge

The winter months’ for Team Edge have flown by. The focus has mainly been on

training and strengthening the horses over the winter. I have had regular

training from Judy Harvey, who has been my dressage trainer and mentor now

for 24 years. I take both the dressage and event horses and we have been

focusing on building the horses’ strength and suppleness up to ensure they are

not only working in the correct way but have the muscle tone and flexibility to

enable them to find the work we ask of them easy. Bert Rutten has also been over

from Holland. With Judy having trained with Bert for many years it’s great to

have that consistently in the training. When I can I go to Holland to train with

Bert but I’ve been so busy this winter I have not had the opportunity to go so it

was great to catch up and train with Bert.

Jumping wise I have had training from Susie Gibson, who has a fantastic

approach and system that again ties in with the training I do with the Dressage.

We go up to Aintree to train, which has an amazing indoor facility. I have also

had the opportunity to train with Michael Whittaker this winter and again

working on the same lines has meant consistency in the training programme

which is so important for the horses.

The girls who work for me, Jodie, Alice and Georgina have all been progressing

well and training hard over the winter, and we are just about to go off indoor

show jumping to put the training into practice before the season starts for us at

Lincoln horse trials. We’ve had one trip up to Somerford Park to use their all

weather xc facility which was great fun.

On the dressage competition front, I have Monarchs Cavalier qualified for the

regional championship at Advanced Medium and Advanced Medium Freestyle

level. His competition build has gone well having won both his classes and with

over 72% in both. A final session with Judy has put the finishing touches on

everything so we are all set for the Championships next week at Myerscough.

Not long till the start of the eventing season now – ‘Team Edge’ are definitely on


Bye for now.

Ruth x