Maddy Moffett

Maddy Mofett is an International Eventer competing to CCI Level. Maddy has qualified horses for National Dressage Championships, and has shown horses at county level.

Her best achievments to date are:

  • Completing Bramham CCI*** in 2008
  • qualified for the National Dressage Championships
  • National University Riding Champion 1996

Maddy says, “In order to get the best out of my horses I need to be confident that our bedding is of the best quality. I have been using Bliss for many years and the quality is second to none.”

“Bliss is economical to use, easy to muck out with, the horses find it very comfortable, and it is very biodegradable, to the point that you think your muck heap is shrinking!”

Maddy Moffet