Bliss Bedding Testimonials

Emma Hallam – SMS Saddle Fitter and Saddler

“Fantastic service! Excellent value for money, great product, and delivered bang on time!!”

Barbara Vardag

“Superb bedding. I have tried everything,literally, and bliss is the best. Super absorbent, relatively light to handle and comfortable for the horses; super bonus is they don’t even try to eat it. Thank you.”

Liz Wright, Moortown Stud

My name is Liz Wright and I own and run Moortown Stud in Ringwood Hampshire.
I use Bliss bedding  all the time. Our top show winning Traditional Gypsy Cob mare “Moortown Frilly” couldnt manage without it!!
I have just been very fortunate to have had 2 major national successes in the very recent and highly publicised Showing Personality Awards 2013 and thought I should let you know.
My prolific winning 14hh 7yr old Piebald Traditional Gypsy Cob mare “Moortown Frilly” (winner at Hoys, twice winner and Res Supreme at the Royal International) won the Show Pony Personality Award 2013 beating 5 other top class ponies including the Supreme Pony at Hoys last year! She has literally won everything there is to win on the showing circuit during the last 3 years and this award has just proven how popular and well known she is within the UK .
We were then completely over whelmed and thrilled when Moortown Stud was also awarded the highly prestigious Breeders Award 2013!
We breed top class coloured show horses and ponies of all types and to simply be nominated amongst such top class studs within the industry was an honour,  but to be recognised in this way by winning both of the awards was a dream come true!
These national awards are run by The Showing Council in conjunction with Showing World magazine. The public are invited to put forward nominations and the final 6 nominees are selected by a panel for each catagory, and it is then left for the public to decide the final results by voting online.
The results were announced at the very glitzy ceremony attended by all the major players in the showing world and was held at Peterborough Show Ground last Saturday night the 26th October.
Obviously breeding and showing Traditional Gypsy Cobs along with more quality coloured types means we use your bedding daily. Frilly in particular benefits hugely from being bedded on Bliss Citronella. Obviously being a gypsy cob her hair and feather has to be kept in excellent condition. Feather mites can be a real problem causing legs to be itchy and scabby with dramatic hair loss but with Bliss Citronella this has ceased to be a problem. She used to be bedded on straw but this was a nightmare and the improvement has been dramatic!
I find Bliss bedding to be excellent and easy to use and muck out and we use it on our stud generally in preference to any other bedding product.
I just wondered whether this was of interest to you.
I have attatched a couple of photographs of Moortown Frilly.
My website address is to give an idea of what we do and have achieved.

Lindsay Wilcox-Reid, Equipilates

“All of the horses here at TDS are bedded on Bliss, which we have found to be absolutely excellent in terms of absorbency and it really is easy to muck out!  There are several dirty boys on the yard, who make a lot of mess in their bedrooms- until we changed to Bliss mucking out was a real chore and we were using a large amount of shavings per week which was not only costly, but also made the muckheap grow apace. Those days are gone and we are now only using half the amount of bales of Bliss per week than we were having to use shavings.  I would highly recommend anyone to bed on Bliss- as a die hard shavings fan it took something special to convert me, but I definitely wouldn’t use anything else now! We are very fortunate to have Bliss supporting our team.”

Gabby Lucas

I use Bliss Bedding because it is biodegradable and dust free with just a few bales you can make a good bed and it’s also economical and I find my horses are easier to muck out on the bedding” – Gabby Lucas

Maddy Mofett

I have used Bliss bedding for many years now, and find it economical to use, easy to muck out with, the horses find it very comfortable, and it is very biodegradable, to the point that you think your muck heap is shrinking!” Maddy Mofett

Lee Pearson CBE

“Bliss is superb, the quality and consistency of the bedding is excellent. It rots down fast on the muck heap which gets a big thumbs up from my groom.” – Lee Pearson

International Event Rider, Ruth Edge

“I believe it’s so important to have a clean and healthy stable environment in order to keep the horses in tip top condition. Bliss Bedding delivers this and enables them to perform at their best.” – Ruth Edge

Nr Wrexham

“Thankyou for our chat this morning regarding your wonderful product, I can’t rate it high enough. In fact I have converted 6 friends on my horse yard to change from shavings onto BLISS 🙂 It is very economical, easy to use and makes a lovely comfy bed for my girl.”Jayne Wright

Leanne Friar

“Just a quick note to say how happy I am since I moved my boy onto Bliss bedding. He’s a very messy 16.3hh TB who trashes his bedroom on a nightly basis and shavings, wood pellets and straw were failing to hit the spot (3 barrows a day in all cases!). I started a bliss bed a fortnight ago after a fellow livery, with a horse who also likes to have a nightly party, moved onto it and raved about how much cleaner he was and I can’t believe the difference!! 1/2 to 1 barrow a day – even on the day I dig out the wet, 1 bale down a week and voila! A none ammonia smelling, clean, warm and comfortable bed for my boy. He also shows his appreciation of the bed once a week when a new bale goes down by having a good old roll on it.” – Leanne Friar