Leanne Friar

“Just a quick note to say how happy I am since I moved my boy onto Bliss bedding. He’s a very messy 16.3hh TB who trashes his bedroom on a nightly basis and shavings, wood pellets and straw were failing to hit the spot (3 barrows a day in all cases!). I started a bliss bed a fortnight ago after a fellow livery, with a horse who also likes to have a nightly party, moved onto it and raved about how much cleaner he was and I can’t believe the difference!! 1/2 to 1 barrow a day – even on the day I dig out the wet, 1 bale down a week and voila! A none ammonia smelling, clean, warm and comfortable bed for my boy. He also shows his appreciation of the bed once a week when a new bale goes down by having a good old roll on it.” – Leanne Friar