Lindsay Wilcox-Reid, Equipilates

“All of the horses here at TDS are bedded on Bliss, which we have found to be absolutely excellent in terms of absorbency and it really is easy to muck out!  There are several dirty boys on the yard, who make a lot of mess in their bedrooms- until we changed to Bliss mucking out was a real chore and we were using a large amount of shavings per week which was not only costly, but also made the muckheap grow apace. Those days are gone and we are now only using half the amount of bales of Bliss per week than we were having to use shavings.  I would highly recommend anyone to bed on Bliss- as a die hard shavings fan it took something special to convert me, but I definitely wouldn’t use anything else now! We are very fortunate to have Bliss supporting our team.”