Bliss Bedding; the Sustainable Choice

“I touched on the fact I purchased less in 2019 than previous years in my “Top Three of 2019” blog. I bought well as a way of buying less; I made practical choices over fashion conscious ones. This change in my behaviour may have started with matching saddle pads and bandages, but it has gradually filtered down to changes in my everyday life, and Bliss Bedding is one of those sustainable choices I have made.

Bliss Bedding is a finely chopped rape straw, in effect making use of a waste product following the harvest of the tiny black oil seed rape pods from the crop, the straw is often chopped up and ploughed back into the earth by farmers, however Bliss Bedding take this by-product, extract the dust and treat it with Trus-Steed – a bio security stable guard – to make their horse bedding.

The Trus-Steed element of production is a necessary evil in our modern world and essential for bio-security, to prevent and reduce the risk of transmission of infectious diseases. The chemical guarantees to eliminate 99.9999% of bacteria, fungi and spores with an added bittering agent to prevent horses from tucking into their bed once the hay-net runs empty. Bliss Bedding is finally treated with essential eucalyptus or citronella oils and wrapped in biodegradable packaging that is suitable for your recycling dustbin at home, or if you’d prefer a plain bedding this is available too.

The bedding is economical to use – in the sense of efficiency and cost-effectiveness – and after the initial set up of their beds using 4/6 bales each the boys share half a bale per week of fresh bedding. It absorbs the wet astonishingly well so this is only removed once/twice a week, in turn this keeps the size of the muck heap down over winter and it bio-degrades over summer.

Bliss Bedding is UK sourced and doesn’t involve the chopping down of any trees, something that makes me very happy.

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Much love, Jessica.”

Written by Jessica, author of equine blog, Gee Gee & Me, on Bliss Bedding and its sustainability.

Bliss Bedding; the Sustainable Choice