Help Needed for Local Charity ‘Cavendish Bridge Equestrian Centre’

bliss bedding

Disaster struck for Dawn Marie Webster, owner of Cavendish Bridge Riding Centre, when she awoke to find her stable yard covered in 4ft of water this week. She found her 37 horses stood in 2 1/2 ft of water in their stables and quickly made plans to evacuate the yard thanks to helpful neighbours and friends in the surrounding area. Everything at the stable yard was drenched or submerged in water, including the feed and bedding.

The paddocks and menage is still submerged

It is still visible where the water came flooding into the stables

Cavendish Bridge Equestrian Centre is a registered charity who organise riding for the disabled. We have donated bales of Bliss Bedding for the stables along with some feed from our sister company ‘Just Feeds’ to help towards getting this local charity back on track. If anybody can help by making a donation please contact Dawn 07801318523, any help would be gratefully received. Dawn was overwhelmed by people’s generosity and expressed how kind people had been in helping her out in such a difficult situation.

Dawn is desperate to bring her horses back home to the yard, but alongside all of this, she is also holding a charity event over the weekend! We send our best wishes to Dawn, her staff and the horses at Cavendish Bridge and hope that they are all home, safe and dry again soon.