Lee Pearson’s blog 2016

” It’s been a really busy winter, getting everything ready for the oncoming competition season. Four years ago I bought a derelict farm so this takes a lot of my time and money, currently we have stabling for a few horses but no arena, so throughout the winter I have been unable to school in the fields, so lots of roadworks and hiring of local arenas to school and train in.

So many things have been checked, assessed, and changed to try and improve all the horses even if it’s a slight percentage. Slight increase in percentages in lots of little areas to make a huge difference. So as well as making sure that all the feed is correct for the horses throughout the winter working with the nutritionalist from my animal feed sponsor Dodson and Horrell, the horses have had all their Ideal saddles checked a few times throughout the winter, along with their bridles, bits, etc. Any supplements that the horses take have been assessed, and any shoeing changes have been done to make sure that all the horses have the best foot balance that they can have. But sometimes products and routine like their favourite stable and bedding stay exactly the same to keep them really happy and settled when stabled.

Along with all the fitness programs, training and assessments at home the lottery funded great British para equestrian team receive advice and training at squad training at the lovely Unicorn Trust Near Stow on the Wold. Monthly throughout the winter we set off for two days and many team and individual assessments including doctors, physio, strength and fitness, nutritionist, psychologist etc. So that’s me totally ironed out and then there’s my horses that get assessments from the Team vet, osteopath, Sadler, physio, Farrier, assessment for ulcers, Test riding, new music for free styles, Bio mechanics, and training or approval from the team trainer!

Currently my Beijing and London Paralympic gold medallist horse Gentleman is with an up-and-coming grade 3 para rider called Emily Murdoch. She absolutely adores him and all of his quirks!

Zion is the horse that I’ve campaigned for the past two years, he became world champion in 2014 and reserve European champion last year. He is the horse that I’m campaigning for the Rio Paralympics in September this year. He’s had more of a fitness and strengthening improving winter than schooling, all over strength is extremely important for any horse but especially top competition horses. The next plan is to get him out competing in the selection trials this year which include international competitions as well as national competitions and 7 July is the date that the team selected to represent Great Britain within para equestrian for the Rio Paralympics games gets announced, Everybody keep their fingers crossed please!!!

Within the stables I have a few very talented horses that I’ve bred including a super mare called Styletta. She is black, beautiful, and quite feisty! I did some para classes last year with her and she got accused of being a fire eating Dragon, I think her destiny will be to go Grand Prix, she finds all movements easy and she has an unlimited amount of energy. She’s only seven years old but with my stable manager and partner Richard she’s learning the Prix St George movements along with piaffe and passage. I help Richard on a daily basis with his training and development of my young horses and we’ve started going to Ferdi Eilberg for monthly training which is really helping. I think at the end of the year she will be worth too much money to not go on the market to fund the development of my farm.
It will be an extremely sad sale as I genuinely feel she is the most talented horse I’ve ever owned, but the saving grace is that I still have her very talented two half Brothers here, 6 year old Benson and 5 year old Breezer, so hopefully one of these guys will be my 2020 Paralympic horse!

Roll on the summer months when I can train in the fields, but hopefully planning permission for an arena will go through this year so I can train myself and my horses and others a lot easier than it is at the moment, horses are a 24/7 lifestyle more than a career or a job, but having the correct facilities would make life a lot easier!”


Dr (Hon) Lee Pearson MBE OBE CBE.

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